Couple looking in an estate agent window

Key Management for Estate Agents

Driftwood Properties is a small independent estate agency, but the business relies on keys. We have about 50 sets of keys in the office at any time. The system is simple and easy to use so no real training is required for our staff. It is easy to keep track of where everything is. With the mobile GPS function, we can even see if the member of staff with a given set of keys is near the associated property- for those last minute walk in viewings that want to see that property ASAP.

We also use the system to track our equipment. Members of staff sign out laser measures, voice recorders and damp testers so we know who has the equipment if it’s not on the shelf.

Day-to-day you forget about the system, as it becomes second nature to swipe keys and equipment past the scanner. However, when you need something, and it’s not there on the shelf, it really comes into its own. We use Key Located as a great marketing / selling point for our business. As all keys are tracked in and out, it gives our property owners confidence that we are an organised and responsible business.


  • Know where are your keys are at any time
  • Track multiple locations
  • Pay monthly instead of a large up front amount
  • Unlike any other system on the market, Key Located continues to work if your internet connection fails

Live key tracking. Any industry. Anywhere. If you have more than 3 sets of keys, you need us.

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