Car salesman showing a car to a customer

Key Management for Car After Market and Rental

With keys in and out for customers, the cars on the fore court for sale, access to the building and store areas, that’s a lot of keys. This is before all the expensive tools and diagnostics equipment. All this can be easily tagged and tracked.

With no training for general staff and a fast, effortless system, it makes it easy to know who has equipment and keys all the time. As a manager or owner you have one simple place to see all the transactions and movements within your company.

Reports can simply be created to help show the flow of business and help track progress. This can show how many times a particular car for sale has been viewed or if it has sat with no activity for a week or two and gives you a great overview of the business without ever stepping through the door.


  • Know where are your keys are at any time
  • Track multiple locations
  • Pay monthly instead of a large up front amount
  • Unlike any other system on the market, Key Located continues to work if your internet connection fails

Live key tracking. Any industry. Anywhere. If you have more than 3 sets of keys, you need us.

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