Workmen standing over a quarry

Key Management for Haulage and Heavy Industry

From plant equipment to trucks and earth movers they all have keys. Always keep track of who has the keys and ultimately the equipment itself. As well as this you can also tag large and expensive tools and manuals with ID stickers and tags. Easy to scan with a phone or digital reader and keep track.

Sit back and see who has the equipment out and working. Over time you will be able to see patterns of equipment use, which is really being used and which is just a liability. Specific reports can be created to help you understand your business better.

With all of this it’s an easy to use fast system that requires no training for general use. Live online all of this can be managed from a head office or reception or your phone on the beach in the tropics.


  • Know where are your keys are at any time
  • Track multiple locations
  • Pay monthly instead of a large up front amount
  • Unlike any other system on the market, Key Located continues to work if your internet connection fails

Live key tracking. Any industry. Anywhere. If you have more than 3 sets of keys, you need us.

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