Rental property keys in a hand

Key Management for Rental property

With the number of keys any letting agent has to handle there are always people dropping them in and collecting them for viewings, maintenance, safety inspections, the list goes on! With an easy to use system and speed a top priority Key Located provides a simple solution all can use with no training and keeps you in control.

Always know who has any set of keys. With your staff having their own ID tags it’s as simple as showing a tag and run. No writing or requirement to access a computer. All maintenance staff can simply be signed out on a temporary ID tag with minimal of effort.

Also tag equipment! With laser measurers and damp monitors etc in and out of the office regularly. Tag the item with a ID sticker and it can be signed in and out so you know who’s car boot it’s in when it’s not on the shelf.


  • Know where are your keys are at any time
  • Track multiple locations
  • Pay monthly instead of a large up front amount
  • Unlike any other system on the market, Key Located continues to work if your internet connection fails

Live key tracking. Any industry. Anywhere. If you have more than 3 sets of keys, you need us.

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