Rows of lockers in a school

Key Management for Schools and Universities

With safety a priority and as a result the number of locks and secure gates ever increasing keeping track of all this is getting a bigger and bigger job. All the staff have their own ID tags so signing keys out is quick and simple. With no effort you can grab a set of keys and move on with your busy day. The system is designed to blend into the background and it becomes second nature to record all the key transactions effortlessly.

With all transactions time and date stamped you have a full history of the access to each area with who, when and for how long. With the option to tag equipment with ID stickers you can simply record who has the item so when someone goes looking for it they know where to start.


  • Know where are your keys are at any time
  • Track multiple locations
  • Pay monthly instead of a large up front amount
  • Unlike any other system on the market, Key Located continues to work if your internet connection fails

Live key tracking. Any industry. Anywhere. If you have more than 3 sets of keys, you need us.

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