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Key Located works by attaching a digital tag to all your keys / assets and providing similar tags to your staff. By scanning a user and key tag in succession, the system can keep track of where every tag is.

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  • Key / Asset tags. The Key Located system can scan most types of NFC or RFID tags. These come in many forms including key fobs, stickers and cards. Attach a tag to every key or asset you want to track.
  • User tags. Issue all your regular staff with their own ID tags. Visiting contractors can be issued with a temporary / shared tag. User tags come in the form of ID cards, key fobs, stickers or wristbands to suit your needs.
  • Scanning station. Your company can have one or more scanning stations. These can be a USB scanner attached to a computer (Windows / Mac / Linux) or an app installed on a mobile device. When a user scans their user tag plus a key tag, the system knows that person has that key and confirms this with an audio/visual que. When they repeat the process, the system knows they have returned the key to that location.
  • Globally Accessible Cloud-based Tracking. Anyone with internet access can login to our secure location database. This shows live location status of your keys / assets 24/7.
  • Multiple sites. Each scanning station represents a storage location. Unlike other systems on the market, with Key Located you can have as many sites as you like. Keys can be scanned out of one location and into another. Keys can optionally have a home location with alerts if off-site for too long.
  • Reporting and Alerts. Reports include: Checked out keys, key audit, 24 hour activity, late returns. See Reporting for a selection of reports the system can generate. Alerts can be automatically generated if keys are checked out longer than expected. If you need a specific report or alert let us know, the system is capable of (almost) anything!


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